ISO 3310-1 • ASTM E11 • ASTM E232

  • All Sieves are made of stainless steel woven wire or perforated plate and a frame that meet international standards.
  • The sieve aperture is clearly labelled on each sieve.
  • Sieves having the same diameter are designed to perfectly and easily nest on each other.
  • The sieves are available in two diameters (200 mm) and (300 mm)
  • 220 – 240 V / 50 – 60 Hz
Code Item Name Can be ordered as a Set
SV-20/P Pan (Receiver) – Ø 200 mm SV-20/PC
SV-20/C Cover (Lid) – Ø 200 mm SV-20/PC
SV-30/P Pan (Receiver) – Ø 300 mm SV-30/PC
SV-30/C Pan (Receiver) – Ø 300 mm SV-30/PC
SV-20/WS/APP Wet Washing Sieve Apparatus – Ø 200 mm
SV-30/WS/APP Wet Washing Sieve Apparatus – Ø 300 mm

<thØ 200 mm
(Woven Wire)Ø 200 mm
(Perforated Plate)Ø 300 mm
(Woven Wire)Ø 300 mm
(Perforated Plate)

90.00 mm (3 1/2″) SV-20/W/90000 SV-20/P/90000 SV-30/W/90000 SV-30/P/90000
80.00 mm SV-20/W/80000 SV-20/W/80000 SV-20/W/80000 SV-20/W/80000
75.00 mm (3″) SV-20/W/75000 SV-20/W/75000 SV-20/W/75000 SV-20/W/75000
63.00 mm (2 1/2″) SV-20/W/63000 SV-20/W/63000 SV-20/W/63000 SV-20/W/63000
56.00 mm SV-20/W/56000 SV-20/W/56000 SV-20/W/56000 SV-20/W/56000
53.00 mm (2.12″) SV-20/W/53000 SV-20/W/53000 SV-20/W/53000 SV-20/W/53000
50.00 mm (2″) SV-20/W/50000 SV-20/W/50000 SV-20/W/50000 SV-20/W/50000
45.00 mm (1 3/4″) SV-20/W/45000 SV-20/W/45000 SV-20/W/45000 SV-20/W/45000
40.00 mm SV-20/W/40000 SV-20/W/40000 SV-20/W/40000 SV-20/W/40000
37.50 mm (1 1/2″) SV-20/W/37500 SV-20/W/37500 SV-20/W/37500 SV-20/W/37500
31.50 mm (1 1/4″) SV-20/W/31500 SV-20/W/31500 SV-20/W/31500 SV-20/W/31500
28.00 mm SV-20/W/28000 SV-20/W/28000 SV-20/W/28000 SV-20/W/28000
26.50 mm (1.06″) SV-20/W/26500 SV-20/W/26500 SV-20/W/26500 SV-20/W/26500
25.00 mm (1″) SV-20/W/25000 SV-20/W/25000 SV-20/W/25000 SV-20/W/25000
22.40 mm (7/8″) SV-20/W/22400 SV-20/W/22400 SV-20/W/22400 SV-20/W/22400
20.00 mm SV-20/W/20000 SV-20/W/20000 SV-20/W/20000 SV-20/W/20000
19.00 mm (3/4″) SV-20/W/19000 SV-20/W/19000 SV-20/W/19000 SV-20/W/19000
18.00 mm N/A SV-20/P/18000 N/A SV-30/P/18000
16.00 mm (5/8″) SV-20/W/16000 SV-20/W/16000 SV-20/W/16000 SV-20/W/16000
14.00 mm SV-20/W/14000 SV-20/W/14000 SV-20/W/14000 SV-20/W/14000
13.20 mm (.530″) SV-20/W/13200 SV-20/W/13200 SV-20/W/13200 SV-20/W/13200
12.50 mm (1/2″) SV-20/W/12500 SV-20/W/12500 SV-20/W/12500 SV-20/W/12500
11.20 mm (7/16″) SV-20/W/11200 SV-20/W/11200 SV-20/W/11200 SV-20/W/11200
10.00 mm SV-20/W/10000 SV-20/W/10000 SV-20/W/10000 SV-20/W/10000
9.50 mm (3/8″) SV-20/W/09500 SV-20/W/09500 SV-20/W/09500 SV-20/W/09500
9.00 mm N/A SV-20/P/09000  N/A SV-30/P/09000
8.00 mm (5/16″) SV-20/W/08000 SV-20/P/08000 SV-20/P/08000 SV-20/P/08000
7.10 mm N/A SV-20/P/07100 N/A SV-20/P/07100
6.70 mm (.265″) SV-20/W/06700 SV-20/W/06700 SV-20/W/06700 SV-20/W/06700
6.30 mm (1/4″) SV-20/W/06300 SV-20/W/06300 SV-20/W/06300 SV-20/W/06300
5.60 mm (No.3 1/2) SV-20/W/05600 SV-20/W/05600 SV-20/W/05600 SV-20/W/05600
5.00 mm SV-20/W/05000 SV-20/W/05000 SV-20/W/05000 SV-20/W/05000
4.75 mm (No.4) SV-20/W/04750 SV-20/W/04750 SV-20/W/04750 SV-20/W/04750
4.00 mm (No.5) SV-20/W/04000 SV-20/W/04000 SV-20/W/04000 SV-20/W/04000
3.35 mm (No.6) SV-20/W/03350 N/A SV-30/W/03350 N/A
3.15 mm SV-20/W/03150 N/A SV-30/W/03150 N/A
2.80 mm SV-20/W/02800 N/A SV-30/W/02800 N/A
2.50 mm SV-20/W/02500 N/A SV-30/W/02500  N/A
2.36 mm (No.8) SV-20/W/02360 N/A SV-30/W/02360 N/A
2.00 mm (No.10) SV-20/W/02000  N/A SV-30/W/02000  N/A
1.70 mm (No.12) SV-20/W/01700 N/A SV-20/W/01700 N/A
1.60 mm SV-20/W/01600 N/A SV-20/W/01600 N/A
1.40 mm (No.14) SV-20/W/01400 N/A SV-20/W/01400 N/A
1.25 mm SV-20/W/01250  N/A SV-20/W/01250  N/A
1.18 mm (No.16) SV-20/W/01180 N/A SV-20/W/01180 N/A
1.00 mm (No.18) SV-20/W/01000 N/A SV-20/W/01000 N/A
0.850 mm (No.20) SV-20/W/00850 N/A SV-20/W/00850 N/A
0.800 mm SV-20/W/00800 N/A SV-20/W/00800 N/A
0.710 mm (No.25) SV-20/W/00710 N/A SV-20/W/00710 N/A
0.630 mm SV-20/W/00630 N/A SV-20/W/00630 N/A
0.600 mm (No.30) SV-20/W/00600 N/A SV-20/W/00600 N/A
0.500 mm (No.35) SV-20/W/00500 N/A SV-20/W/00500 N/A
0.425 mm (No.40) SV-20/W/00425 N/A SV-20/W/00425 cell4_2
0.400 mm SV-20/W/00400 cell3_2 SV-20/W/00400 N/A
0.355 mm (No.45) SV-20/W/00355 N/A SV-20/W/00355 N/A
0.315 mm SV-20/W/00315 N/A SV-20/W/00315 N/A
0.300 mm (No.50) SV-20/W/00300 N/A SV-20/W/00300 N/A
0.250 mm (No.60) SV-20/W/00250 N/A SV-20/W/00250 N/A
0.212 mm (No.70) SV-20/W/00212 N/A SV-20/W/00212 N/A
0.200 mm SV-20/W/00200 N/A SV-20/W/00200 N/A
0.180 mm (No.80) SV-20/W/00180 N/A SV-20/W/00180 N/A
0.160 mm SV-20/W/00160 N/A SV-20/W/00160 N/A
0.150 mm (No.100) SV-20/W/00150 N/A SV-20/W/00150 N/A
0.125 mm (No.120) SV-20/W/00125 N/A SV-20/W/00125 N/A
0.106 mm (No.140) SV-20/W/00106 N/A SV-20/W/00106 N/A
0.100 mm SV-20/W/00100 N/A SV-20/W/00100 N/A
0.090 mm (No.170) SV-20/W/00090 N/A SV-20/W/00090 N/A
0.080 mm SV-20/W/00080 N/A SV-20/W/00080 N/A
0.075 mm (No.200) SV-20/W/00075 N/A SV-20/W/00075 N/A
0.063 mm (No.230) SV-20/W/00053 N/A SV-20/W/00053 N/A
0.053 mm (No.270) SV-20/W/00053 N/A SV-20/W/00053 N/A
0.050 mm SV-20/W/00050 N/A SV-20/W/00050 N/A
0.045 mm (No.325) SV-20/W/00045 N/A SV-20/W/00045 N/A
0.040 mm SV-20/W/00040 N/A SV-20/W/00040 N/A
0.038 mm (No.400) SV-20/W/00038 N/A SV-20/W/00038 N/A
Wet Washing Sieve
0.075 mm (No.200)
SV-20/WS/00063 N/A N/A N/A
Wet Washing Sieve
0.063 mm (No.230)
Yıkama Eleği
0.063 mm (No.230)