• Used to test specimens at high temperatures. Its main attribute is that it separates the object to be heated from all by products of combustion from the heat source.
  • Equipped with Proportion Integral Derivative (PID) temperature control unit.
  • Insulation is completely made of high grade ceramic fiber with low thermal mass for fast heating cycles
  • The front loading to the furnace provides easy access
  • Equipped with safety door switch that shuts off the control circuts when the door is opened
  • Exhaust pipe in the rear wall used to discharge the by-products of the combustion process.
  • It is highly recommended to use the furnaces at temperatures above 600°C

• Temperature control by PID
• 220 – 240 V / 50 – 60 Hz

Code Max Temperature Capacity Controller
G-050/10-03 1000°C 3 lt PID
G-050/11-06 1100°C 6 lt PID
G-050/11-08 1100°C 8 lt PID
G-050/11-10 1100°C 10 lt PID
G-050/12-05 1200°C 5 lt PID
G-050/12-05-P 1200°C 5 lt Programmable
G-050/12-12 1200°C 12 lt PID