LIQUID LIMIT DEVICE (Cone Penetrometer Method) (T-090)


BS 1377-2

  • Used to determine the moisture content while the soil specimen is passing from plastic to liquid state; by measuring the penetration of standard cone free falling into the soil under controlled conditions.
  • Equipped with a release button.
Digital Cone Penetrometer (T-090)

Hand-operated model with a digital
indicator to be used with a stopwatch.

Semi-Automatic Digital Cone Penetrometer (T-090/SA)

Semi-Automated model with a digital
indicator. It releases and stops the
plunger automatically and shows the
penetration measurements on a digital
  • Penetration Cone: (T-090/PC)
    • Length: 35 mm
    • Angle: 30°
  • Sample Cup (Ø 55 mm x 35 mm) (GL-20/S)