BS 812

  • Used to determine the flakiness index of aggregate particles.
  • The sieve is made from a robust frame with steel bars.
  • Sieves can be purchased individually (AG-038/xx) or as a set (AG-038).
Code Slot Dimensions (mm)
AG-038/50 50.00 mm
AG-038/40 40.00 mm
AG-038/31 31.50 mm
AG-038/25 25.00 mm
AG-038/20 20.00 mm
AG-038/16 16.00 mm
AG-038/12 12.50 mm
Code Slot Dimensions (mm)
AG-038/10 10.00 mm
AG-038/08 8.00 mm
AG-038/06 6.30 mm
AG-038/05 5.00 mm
AG-038/04 4.00 mm
AG-038/03 3.15 mm
AG-038/02 2.50 mm