BS 812

  • Used to determine whether an aggregate particle is flaky or not, that is to determine whether the thickness of the particle is less than 60% of its nominal size or not.
  • Each sieve is made of heavy-gauge steel to the dimensions specified in the standard.
  • Sieves can be purchased individually (AG-030/xx) or as a set (AG-030).
Code Slot Dimensions (mm)
AG-030/04 4.9 x 30 mm
AG-030/07 7.2 x 40 mm
AG-030/10 10.2 x 50 mm
AG-030/14 14.4 x 60 mm
AG-030/19 19.7 x 80 mm
AG-030/26 26.3 x 90 mm
AG-030/33 33.9 x 100 mm